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It seems many people are dragging themselves to the studio lately. The weather here is grey and dark and most of us just want to stay in bed. I know I feel it. Every part of me wants to sit in front of a fire, drink some hot cocoa and work on some crafts. No doubt if I did this I would will reemerge in the spring with about 20 pounds of blubber to lose. But I think I would have some beautiful art to share… and the inspiration to hike off the pounds once the sun was out.

But alas life keeps chugging along despite the weather so I keep showing up at the studio and people keep dragging themselves to my class. The irony is that my really still and quiet classes feel a little odd right now. Usually I feel that people need to slow down and meditative classes provide a great space for such a thing. But my instinct at the moment is to teach gentle warming movements, not stillness. Gentle core restoring yoga. I keep wanting to guide people through visualizations of warm limbs and light emanating from their centers as we slowly and naturally move our bodies. Because of this I am finding it challenging to be teaching certain “styles” of yoga. I want to just teach yoga… and not be limited by the parameters or labeling of one kind of yoga.

I feel like yoga adapts to what we need. It is about balancing our bodies and minds to create spaciousness.. somehow “labeling, packaging and styling” this practice feels a little odd to me sometimes. How about we just all go to YOGA class?

Art is by Francene Hart