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So I am moving out of town.. not super far.. about a forty minute drive but it is far enough that I have to start thinking about how to manage my 8-10 yoga classes a week to not mean 8-10 drives into town.  I would like to build my teaching practice out there if at all possible too so that means I have to give up some classes here. I am trying to shift classes as many sessions as possible to be on the same 3 days, and if it isn’t a reality to shift a class to my commute days I am going to let the class go.

I feel surprisingly emotional. I didn’t think I would get so attached to classes but there you have it… I let one center know yesterday that I would not be renewing the contract in the new year because I just can’t make it work and I let another studio know that I have to shift to a different day or cancel the class all together. I have been feeling awfully busy lately and thought I would have a sense of relief with changing things but actually I feel a sense of loss.

I know new people will come, new spaces, new teaching gigs.. and for the moment having less classes is good because I am also working on creating a workshop about yogic techniques to manage stress and the over stimulation of modern life.  So some extra time to sit in the woods and ponder will be good. But I am feeling a little like I’m breaking up with someone I love.. it is odd.

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