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bobdobbsOkay so I have a rant. Maybe I am just grumpy because I am moving so I’m bit tired.. but I have to say that whenever I see “™” by someone’s spiritual teachings they are offering I want to barf. Immediately I just feel that their “teachings” are really just them brainstorming ways to get more cash. It reads to me like “This is my idea/solution etc and you can’t steal it… you better pay to know what I know”.

For starters.. most people steal, copy, and use material from other teachers all the time whether they are aware of it or not. Personally I think of it as “taking inspiration from” rather than theft. The yoga I teach is HEAVILY influenced by Wanda Scaravelli, Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Paulie Zink and Erich Schiffmann. Their words do filter into my teachings. I credit them often but sometimes I don’t even realize that it is their message coming through because it has blended so much into my own thoughts and descriptions in class.

If we really are so advanced spiritually, if we know we are connected and the same ultimately, do we really need to protect our teachings so fiercely? I am sure there are some blatant rip offs out there but so be it.  I just don’t think spiritual process is something that can be trademarked. I think it is odd to even try. Well… Unless you pull it off with the finesse the Church of the Subgenius does ; )