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Water Lily XIn general most people think of the more active yoga classes as something they do for their health… and active yoga can be really good for you… but what I am realizing with my own life is that quiet yoga practices are insanely good for the immune system. Actually any sort of calming and relaxing activity is good for us (Watching T.V. doesn’t count, it works the body in a different way). Stress makes us sick. Calming yoga heals us.

Since I have been practicing mellow styles of yoga regularly I hardly ever get sick anymore. Really. Even when life gets bonkers my immune system seems to hang in there. In the past I was one of those people that caught everything…. I always used up all my sick days at my jobs. Now… I haven’t had a class subbed from being sick in almost a year. I still get colds on occasion. It is true. My health isn’t perfect. But I notice such a huge improvement in my own immune resilience I just had to share with all of you.

Next I am aiming on curing seasonal allergies with yoga and a healthy lifestyle. Wish me luck.