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Polar-Bear-hiding-faceSo remember I said I hardly ever got sick anymore.. yes well serves me right to tempt fate. Within a day of writing that post I got horrifically ill. The sickest I have been in over a decade. Admittedly my yoga practice had been suffering, being pushed to the side because of other things. I was moving, preparing for Christmas, and then a few curves balls got thrown my way by my family. I got stressed. Really quite stressed. I could feel it boiling inside like some old demon I used to live with most of the time. And then presto.. I got dizzy spells, vertigo, then nausea, vomiting, chills….  Yup. It wasn’t pretty.

And I was supposed to teach. Yoga. In that condition. Obviously this wasn’t happening but a funny thing about teaching yoga is that when you are unable to instruct a class you have to find someone to replace you. Soooooooooo more stress, ill and on the computer and phone, begging for a last minute sub. Pleading. Offering more money than I make for someone to cover for me. Help.

It was all kind of terrible and very un-yoga-like. I feel there is probably some lesson in here for me about “balance” seeing as my balance is what completely went during this illness. I suppose I am going to have to sit with that for a bit and reassess my priorities… but first some staring off into space doing absolutely nothing.