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floweroflifeIt has been rough month. All sorts of things have gone wrong and my stress levels have been through the roof. I even got an ear infection which has been making me dizzy when I shift my head position from upright to another orientation. No big deal right? Well, when you teach yoga your head ends up all over the place. No fun. I have been tired and planning classes has been challenging… but you know what? I always feel better after teaching a class. It is the weirdest thing. It is sort of like I choose what poses are going to happen during class but the whole room of people puts in the energy and intention.. and it seems to rejuvenate me… I think most of the other people get a similar thing. At least I really hope they do. I don’t feel much like I teach yoga at all honestly. I feel like I have the pleasure of sharing a practice with all kinds of amazing people and we feed each other with our shared focus. I know. That sounds all “flaky energy new-agey” but I swear it is what I feel like happens.