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visionary_art_of_luke_brown_1When New Year’s rolls around there always seems to be this energy in the air of finally making the commitment to better ourselves. Usually people don’t keep their resolutions but for some reason the turn of the year makes most feel it is the time for them to change. Yoga classes are often busier in January because of this. I suppose people think yoga will fix them… or make them better somehow.

If I was to say what the biggest lesson I have learnt from yoga is that I don’t actually need to be fixed. Yes, yoga has helped my health, both mental and physical.. but ultimately what it has shown me is how to be quiet and sit with who I really am. And who I am is totally okay and perfect in it’s own delicately human way. I feel like yoga doesn’t change anything it just allows you to peel back the layers a bit so you can see the beauty inside. Ultimately we are all just a mystery… what we call our bodies are technically mostly empty space. We are consciousness experiencing itself living in an illusion of time and matter. Yoga teaches the dissolution of self. It teaches us that everything is one and that we have just gotten confused along the way with the identification of our bodies as our self.

There is something very freeing about this… things feel a lot lighter when the grip of self importance lightens a little. Yes, I still get caught up all the time in thoughts of “me” and “I”… but it is a littler softer feeling. I feel a bit more accepting of life as it is.