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spirituality-copyThis past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a yoga teacher training about creative sequencing. As usual I learned a lot but what I thought was interesting with this particular course was that I took away more from my fellow classmates than I did from the facilitators. In many ways the workshop was geared in that direction so it isn’t all that surprising. We had lots of opportunities for organic discussion as a group and many of the attendees have established teaching practices. There was a ton of great ideas and inspirations floating around the room. I felt very connected with the group. I realized I am a bit starved for this kind of community in my life.

Now I seem to have a bit of a workshop hangover. I feel blue. Despite all the inspiration and excitement things in my head feel a little low.  If I reach back into my memory though I realize that I always seems to crash after a training. I suppose part of it is because fitting 20 extra hours of anything in my life is a challenge. The house falls apart, the husband gets cranky with the extra load, the two year old gets clingy. I always walk back into a bit of a zoo after a teacher training…. The ideas are in there though, the stories and fun facts… I suspect after a day or two of self care all that I learned will start to solidify my mind and find it’s way into my teachings. Once that happens I will post a few of the cool things that came up this weekend on this blog.