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nodogHave I mentioned I hate sun salutations? I mean… not so much now after many years and many teachers helping me sort out exactly how to do this sequence. But it still doesn’t feel great in my body if I do more than a few. It hurts my wrists. Yes I know the modifications.. yes I know… but actually none of them really feel good in my body.

It is pretty standard where I live to see a sun salutation taught in almost every class. I don’t really understand why. Even gentle beginner yoga classes have sun salutations. 50+ classes have sun salutations. Really??? I was shocked to hear it to be honest. When I started doing yoga it was sun salutations that were primarily what I did. Beginners = Sun Salutations. They gave me carpal tunnel. They gave me sore shoulders. They just didn’t feel good at all.

Yesterday in my 50+ class a student came to me and said she had attended another gentle yoga class but it had hurt her body. Sun Salutations. 6 of them in a row… I hear this all the time. I just don’t believe this is a gentle sequence especially for new practitioners. I have decided to declare all my classes “Sun Salutation Free“. Be free wrists!! We can lengthen, heat up, warm up, and move some other way that feels less risky.